Hyperbaric Health Services

Tel. (707) 687-8188


Leasing Contract

The mild Hyperbaric Chamber “Vitaeris 320” owned by Hyperbaric Health Services can be leased under the following conditions:

  1. Hyperbaric Health Services personnel will provide training for the operation of the chamber. Under no circumstances can the chamber be operated in a way different from our instructions.
  2. Any adverse consequences resulting from mismanagement of the device will not be responsibility of Hyperbaric Health Services. Such responsibility toward Hyperbaric Health Services is waived and the lessee assumes full responsibility of the event.
  3. The chamber cannot be tampered with or damaged. Proper care must be applied. If improper management results in damage to the chamber, the lessee agrees to reimburse Hyperbaric Health Services for repair of the chamber, and, if this is not possible, to pay for the full price of a new chamber.

download printable .pdf card.