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Thanks for visiting us! At Hyperbaric Health Services we strive to present you with all the information you are likely to need and want in order to make your decision on whether Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is right for you. Please take time to browse the educational material. It is there where we answer the questions What, How and Why as well as provide information that may be useful in talking to your health care provider.

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A Doctors prescription is required.

Before you begin, you must have a Doctor's prescription. Ask you Doctor if you are a candidate. Pre-existing conditions such as sinus infection, history of collapsed lungs, and high blood pressure that is not under control with medications, prevent you from using HBO.

Preliminary data suggest that 10 HBO sessions can positively affect immune function and that more sessions may be needed to affect positive results and may have significance with regard to aging. It is therefore suggested to take treatments consecutively for 10 days in a row.

Price for 10 daily sessions $1500.

Or 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Every person is different and the specific reason for treatment will dictate the frequency.